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Who are we? Founded in 2021, Qruise is at the forefront of next-generation technology, propelling the world into the quantum era. We are an enthusiastic team of quantum physicists, software engineers, and systems engineers, all driven by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of quantum technologies to new and unprecedented heights. At Qruise, we work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge software solutions that drive progress and open new horizons for industries worldwide.

With a strong commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, Qruise is proud to be shaping the quantum technology landscape, setting the standard for future generations.

What do we do? Qruise is a deep-tech software company that is developing a Machine Learning-driven equivalent of a physicist, devised to synergistically augment the human capacity for scientific discovery in the laboratory environment. Within the quantum domain, our offering can be likened to a virtual doctoral candidate, an artificially intelligent aide well-versed in the complexities of quantum technology. With the appropriate human oversight, the cumulative output of one hundred of these virtual doctorates working tirelessly around the clock has the potential to catalyze development at an unprecedented scale. What are their tasks, one might ask? They will deconstruct your own experiments, unveil the underlying mechanics through a lens of advanced ML techniques. Through sophisticated data analytics, it can decode the intricate web of variables in your experiment, providing a detailed understanding of the underlying dynamics and paving the way for future innovation.

Our Founders

Meet our Founders

The academic founding team includes Professors Tommaso Calarco, Frank Wilhem-Mauch, and Simone Montanegro. Prof. Tommaso Calarco is the Director of the Institute for Quantum Control at Forschungszentrum Jülich and one of the co-authors of the Quantum Manifesto in 2016, which initiated the European Commission’s Quantum Flagship initiative. He is currently the Chairman of its Quantum Community Network. Prof. Frank Wilhem-Mauch is the Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics at Forschungszentrum Jülich and Coordinator of the EU Quantum Flagship project OpenSuperQPlus. Many of his former students are in prominent positions in the industry, e.g. IBM's Quantum VP, Dr. Jay Gambetta, and Prof. Simone Montangero who has spearheaded some of the most influential works in quantum control. Together, they bring over 60 years of combined experience in control of quantum systems.

The fourth founder, Dr. Shai Machnes, is Qruise's CEO. Shai spent over 20 years as a programmer, team leader, product manager and CTO. Then he turned to physics, did his PhD, and spent the last 15 years researching control of quantum systems. In February 2011, Prof. Lev Vaidman wrote in his report of Shai's PhD thesis: "... Shai used the computer not just as a powerful calculator. Shai converted the computer to be part of the research team. And this approach led to outstanding results." Shai has been working on building an ML Physicist for well over a decade before founding Qruise.

The four founders have taught many students, from undergraduate studies, through their Masters and PhDs. We know how to train a Physicist. Qruise aims to replicate this by training an ML Physicist.

Between the co-founders, we have over 280 peer-reviewed publications and more than 34,000 citations. We bring together a unique mix of top-notch research physicists, ML professionals and programmers, with the vast majority having PhDs in relevant fields (physics & applied mathematics), to create something truly special.



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