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Qruise is developing the Machine Learning Physicist: Characterization, Precision and Control at your fingertips.

Our toolkit provides everything you need to improve your quantum device and speed up your research process threefold.

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Transforming Experimental Physics

We are actively working on the integration and encapsulation of pertinent ML methodologies to create a toolkit that can seamlessly integrate into any laboratory workflows, thereby expediting scientific R&D processes. Our overarching objective is to engineer a Machine Learning Physicist, capable of augmenting the capabilities of experimentalists in the laboratory setting.

By employing the Qruise ML-physicist, we aim to enhance experimental outcomes, accelerate discovery timelines, and facilitate deeper insights into experimental phenomena.

What do we do?

Qruise offers a suite of tools engineered to rapidly and efficiently reverse engineer and analyze your experimental setup. Our tools are designed to decipher the real-time dynamics of an experiment, as opposed to the preconceived expectations, enabling a deeper understanding of anomalies and deviations. In a nutshell, we are solving the inverse problem. More crucially, our diagnostic toolkit elucidates the root causes of suboptimal device performance, paving the way for targeted interventions and performance optimization.

The Qruise toolset is centered around 3 pillars:

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You may select any set of experimental data. Then Qruise will utilize a digital twin to simulate these experiments and optimize the model parameters to best match the experimental data. No coding of fitting functions is necessary with this approach, making it possible to determine multiple parameter values simultaneously.

Optimal Control

Based on a model, your choice of a control parameterization and goals, Qruise can find the optimal controls to drive the system to the desired state or gate. The optimization can handle many dozens of concurrent parameters, including time-dependent pulse shapes, to allow full utilization of possible controls. Further, one may check the robustness of the resulting pulse to variability in the model, noise in the control pathways and more.


Qruise offers a very wide selection of optimization algorithms that are capable of utilizing any experimental procedure for determining operation fidelity. Our unique ongoing-recalibration capabilities continuously work in the background and keep the operations always at their optimal working point.


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