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5. August 2022


Qruise is very excited to announce its participation in MUNIQC-Atoms, a ground-breaking German project led by the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics! The project is expected to drive significant advances in quantum computing by realizing a quantum computer demonstrator based on a 2D array of trapped neutral strontium atoms.

MUNIQC-Atoms unites a diverse consortium of about 20 partners and associated members from industry and academia, with expertise spanning from quantum information science to photonics to high-performance computing. The demonstrator will harness the advantages of scalable optical lattices with high-fidelity Rydberg gates, paving the way towards practical, large-scale quantum computers!

Qruise’s role in this exciting project is to adapt and enhance its unique machine learning software to generate an extremely detailed Digital Twin of the quantum system and its control electronics. The Digital Twin will be able to quantify all the distortions in the system (initialization errors, noise processes, and readout inaccuracies) and utilize its advanced characterization, modelling, and calibration tools to enhance the fidelities of single- and multi-qubit gates. Our software will therefore play a pivotal role in the journey towards scalable quantum computing.

Qruise takes immense pride in being a member of this exceptional, diverse team, and we strongly encourage you to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in MUNIQC-Atoms here. Or to learn more about Qruise’s role specifically, click here!

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