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22. May 2023


Qruise is thrilled to announce OpenSuperQPlus, the sequel to the European Quantum Flagship project, OpenSuperQ! This follow-up project will carry on where its predecessor left off, reuniting most of the original team plus some new members (including Qruise!) to create a powerful and diverse consortium of 28 partners from 10 countries.

This impressive team of experts, led by Forschungszentrum Jülich, is pursuing the ambitious goal of realising a 1,000-qubit quantum computer. This will be one of the largest quantum computers in the world and one of the first of its kind in Europe! Part of what makes this project so unique is its commitment to making the quantum computer openly accessible for external users, maximising the benefit to society.

Developing such a quantum computer won’t be easy, and Qruise is a crucial piece of this puzzle. Our Digital Twin software will breathe life into the setup, allowing faster optimal control, calibration, and benchmarking of the quantum processors. We will specifically optimise our software for the OpenSuperQPlus hardware, accelerating its development and enhancing its application.

“As a startup in the quantum computing field, we are excited to further integrate and collaborate with the European quantum community,” says Shai Machen, CEO and co-founder of Qruise. “We will build great things together.”

Join us on this journey as we reshape the future of quantum technology in this transformative project. Find out everything there is to know about OpenSuperQPlus and follow its ground-breaking achievements here!

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