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European Infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing

17. October 2022


We are proud to be part of the “European infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing (EuRyQa)”, a project that aims to establish Rydberg quantum processors as a leading platform for scalable quantum computing in Europe.

Ultracold trapped atoms have recently emerged as one of the most promising physical platforms for digital quantum computing. Having already demonstrated systems with more than 200 qubits with strong interactions mediated by their highly excited Rydberg states, they show great promise for further scalability up to 1,000 qubits and beyond. EuRyQa, which is funded under the highly competitive Horizon Europe program, will bring together four complementary European Rydberg platforms to develop the next generation of fully programmable and scalable quantum computing systems based on ultracold Rydberg atoms.

Qruise’s role in this ambitious project is to develop and apply their advanced machine learning techniques to enhance the performance of the EuRyQa quantum platforms. Our toolset will perform automated optimal control, calibration, and characterization of the quantum devices and their control electronics, generating a highly accurate “digital twin” of the entire system. From this, the parameters and sources of distortion can be determined, thereby providing the experimentalists with the right information needed to improve fidelities. This will enable scaling up to systems with a greater number of qubits, whilst maintaining optimal performance.

To find out more about EuRyQa and stay up-to-date with its progress, click here!

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