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Qruise launches new products, QruiseOS and QruiseML

6. March 2024

You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on the news front recently. That’s because we’ve been working hard on our two brand new products: QruiseOS and QruiseML!

Our flagship product, QruiseOS, performs rapid, in-depth characterization, calibration, and quantum optimal control of quantum devices. With the option to choose between 40+ pre-defined experiments or design their own, the Qruise Rapid Automated Bring-up framework allows researchers to connect these experiments to a model database, define sequences and dependencies, and then trigger them to run in an automated batch mode or an interactive debug mode. It’s easy to review past runs, track high level system parameters, and view error logs or jump into unexpectedly failing experiments. Seamless connection with the quantum hardware allows the user to monitor metrics on a live dashboard with all the necessary housekeeping tasks taken care of. This allows researchers to make more progress faster, accelerating the development of next generation quantum devices.

QruiseML uses advanced model learning to generate a highly accurate Digital Twin of quantum devices. From arbitrary experimental data, QruiseML learns system parameters and iteratively reduces the statistical distance between the output of the Digital Twin and the real quantum device. An Error Budget – a detailed breakdown of the various device and control imperfections – is generated, allowing the user to fully understand which parameters are limiting device performance.

QruiseOS QruiseML

Using QruiseOS and QruiseML, researchers can eliminate a lot of the grunt work in the development of their quantum devices, allowing them to focus on what really matters: the science.

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