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QSolid interviews Qruise CEO, Shai Machnes

23. June 2023


As a proud member of QSolid, Qruise’s CEO, Shai Machnes, was delighted to be interviewed by the project!

Funded by the BMBF, QSolid’s mission is to build a complete quantum computer based on next-generation superconducting qubits. Consisting of 25 leading German companies and research institutions, it is the largest project of its kind in Germany, and Qruise is very honored to be a part of it.

Within QSolid, Qruise plays a crucial role in accelerating and automating the development of the quantum processors by enhancing and applying our advanced machine learning toolset. Qruise’s comprehensive collection of algorithms enables the automatic characterization, optimal control and calibration of quantum devices and their control electronics in order to better understand the system. This enhanced understanding allows the precise determination of the sources of distortion and provides actionable insight as to what needs to be done to reduce errors and enhance performance in the next device iteration.

Watch the QSolid interview with Shai Machnes here, and follow QSolid on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep track of our progress!

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